Psychology Lecture Series -Adapting CBT for the Acquired Brain Injury Population (ABI)   

Monday March 20 2017, 08:45 - 10:15
Monday March 20 2017
Wendy Crowther-Rakochy
Health Sciences North
Mental Health (Psychiatry, includes addictions behaviour, addictions substance)
Psychology Lecture Series:Title: Adapting CBT for the Acquired Brain Injury Population (ABI)Speaker: Wendy Crowther-Rakochy M.A., C. Psychological AssociatePractice in Clinical and Rehabilitation PsychologyHSN Outpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service Learning Objectives:1.A brief introduction to the types of co-morbid mental health issues commonly seen in the (ABI) population.2.Explore the efficacy of CBT for improving mood, sleep, anxiety and coping to meet the post-injury needs of this population.3.Learn how to make CBT more assessable to individuals with ABI by adapting protocols, and use of strategies to manage individual disabilities.
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