Consent, Capacity and Substitute Consent under the Ontario Substitute Decisions Act, 1996  

Wednesday April 03 2013, 08:40 - 12:00
Tuesday April 02 2013
Robert Solomon
LHSC - Victoria Hospital
This workshop will:?h Examine the basic legal principles governing consent, capacity and substitute consent as it relates to vulnerable populations.?Y Review the general principles of law that govern consent to treatment, counseling and care, and admission to hospitals, long-term care homes and other similar facilities.?Y Examine the elements of a valid consent and the role of consent forms in documenting consent.?Y Analyze the legal concept of capacity or competency to consent.?Y Examine the situations in which one person may obtain legal authority to make health, counseling and care decisions on behalf of another person. Despite what many people believe, substitute decision makers do not have a free hand in making decisions on behalf of an incapable patient. Rather, substitute decision makers are bound to exercise their authority consistent with the incapable patient??s prior expressed wishes or, if no such wishes are known, the patient??s best interests.?Y Examine the hierarchy of potential substitute decision makers and the legal safeguards that are built into substitute decision making. These topics will be also be analyzed as they apply to substitute decision making for financial management.?Y Throughout the workshop, reference will be made to the leading Canadian cases and the current Ontario legislation. Participants will be invited to ask questions throughout the video conference.
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